Wednesday 24 June 2015

Is now a good time to flip real estate in Hamilton?

Someone asked me the other day if now is a good time to 'fix and flip' real estate in Hamilton.  I guess the answer is 'yes' inasmuch as it is a good time to sell with such a strong sellers' market.

But this is assuming you have property to sell.  The more problematic side of things is finding the property to fix up and flip.  With a lower-than-normal inventory and a strong demand, the marketplace is less favourable on the buying side.  It can be quite difficult to find a suitable property at the price required to make a decent profit on resale.  Even the so-called "fixer-uppers" are often selling quickly and with bidding wars if they are priced right.

Having said that, if you are willing and ready to be patient, keep an eye on the market, and watch for properties that are not selling immediately so you can make an offer and negotiate favourable terms and price, the demand is certainly there for tasefully renovated properties.

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