Tuesday 8 January 2019

New Year Resolutions for your home: regularly changing the furnace filter

We're one week into 2019.  Have you forgotten your New Year Resolutions yet?  I hope not, but if you have you can always start again.

On the topic of changes of habits, though, let's look at some over the next few posts for your home.

When was the last time you changed your furnace filter?  Are you keeping track of when you change it?  It's not horrible if you let it go a little longer than you should but severe neglect can cause the furnace to work harder than it has to, adding to wear and tear.

A furnace filter should typically be changed every 90 days or so, and it's a good habit to put a new one in for the start of each usage season (ie. first time using heat in the cold months and first time using A/C in the warm months). 

[How often you should change it can depend on a few factors though]..

For one thing, there is a difference in quality of filters.  Really cheap filters would be better replaced more frequently, as much as every 30 days.

But even with a better quality filter that is good for 90 days, if you add some pets into the household, it's advised you change the more often.  Every 60 days with one cat or dog, or as frequently as every 20-45 days with more than one. 

Allergies in the home will also affect how often you want to change it, but you'll probably be able to tell when that is becoming an issue.  A better quality filter can also be helpful with this.


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